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Canadian singer songwriter Shania Twain unleashed a new side of her and it’s going to make you love her more. Apparently, she’s into pussies and likes playing with one and having her cunt eaten by a lady friend as well. Watch and enjoy in this kinky leaked lesbo video.

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It looks like it’s not just the microphone that Shania Twain hogs. This hot and naughty leaked video shows her enjoying some lucky dude’s throbbing cock as she gets down on her knees and suck on it. Holding the dick in her hand like she would a mic, she opens her mouth wide, making sure she would suck the man meat entirely. They were teasing each other, saying that she should make this jock cum so hard inside her mouth because spunk will help her voice become more powerful. Sexy curvy Shania didn’t actually need any of those lies since she likes the taste of jizz. She was only to give this man a nice blowjob but they couldn’t resist as she showed him his tight round ass and juicy funbags.

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She started rubbing her ass on his cock as he grabs her tits from behind. Letting the stiff dick slide into her cunt, humping away, almost singing in ecstasy. There were news that she’s having some problems with her voice but don’t believe all that you read about if it’s a medical issue since at times, like Shania, these singers simply lose their voice from screaming while having rough fuck sessions. Clearly, she was going wild in this suck and fuck video that it’s possible she was moaning and groaning with every thrust, having some kinda screaming match with her fuck pal. Plus, the fact that she’s been blowing hard on this dick and almost gagging as she attempts with her deepthroating skills, can only imagine how much of this hard shaft’s causing her throat a bit of discomfort inside there. But Shania seems to have to complains at all and didn’t mind revealing this part of her for her fans to sing about.

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Country pop singer Shania Twain is true to her country roots. Apart from representing with a soulful croon that country singers are known for, Shania Twain also made public her cow milking skills from when she was still pulling udders back in the family barn. But of course, with a lack of bovines in the city, she sought out the cum-giving cocks of willing men so her nipple-pulling muscles won’t be left without a job. And, like the country music that has given her international fame, Shania Twain shares the buckets of cum her hard work has collected with these hardcore pictures of her getting heavy cum splattered on her face.

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